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About us

Mix Research is a Russian agency that provides a full range of market research services.

We have been in the market since 2009. During this time, more than 1500 b2b and b2c research projects have been carried out throughout Russia and abroad.

Our mission is to help clients in obtaining strategic, relevant and high-quality information about the market and consumers, allowing them to make smart decisions for the development of their business.

We specialize in research in the field of grocery and DIY retail, FMCG markets, automotive, telecommunications, etc. We are most actively conducting research aimed at price monitorings, analyzing brand image and health, client`s satisfaction and loyalty, testing and evaluating products (design, taste, name and other aspects, including ADs).

In 2014, we became one of the five best research agencies in Russia according to the aggregate rating of the Association of Regional Sociological Centers "Group 7/89", taking 4th place.

Our advantages


Professionals in sociology, marketing, economics and management


Project launch in several major cities in Russia in one day


CAWI, CATI, TAPI, SAPI, price monitoring software


Partners in more than 150 cities in Russia, as well as in CIS, the Middle East, Europe and America


Multi-level quality control on every stage of the research project

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