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Our history

Mix Research was founded in the beginning of 2009.

The team was initially composed of leading professionals in the research industry, with more than 5 years of experience.

All key executive positions were held by people with more than 10 years of research experience. From the moment of founding, the company was focused on various research areas, such as quantitative studies, price monitoring and b2b research. Moreover, the company began to form partnerships with other market research agencies which provided support in projects all over Russia and CIS.

In 2009 Mix Research became a member of ESOMAR, which is regarded as a standard of quality in market research. Nowadays, Mix Research is a regular exhibitor at ESOMAR Congresses.

In 2010 Mix Research expanded its call center to 30 CATI stations; the department of qualitative research was also established that year. 

Since 2011, geomarketing has become one of the major areas of focus for the company. This research method allows getting information on transport, competition and development perspectives in a given location promptly.

Mix Research developed intensively and in 2014 the company entered the top five (in aggregated score) of the 7/89 company group market research professional rating.

Company employees are working for constant improvement of themselves; they use both modern and traditional research methods, such as focus groups and online communities, ethnographic research, gang surveys, SAPI and TAPI survey, etc.

The company headquarters is located in Saint Petersburg, with a field unit in Moscow consisting of more than 60 recruiters and interviewers.

We are continuously improving our achievements, and today our company is:

  • A full-service market research agency;
  • Experience of more than 1500 unique projects;
  • More than 20 professionals in the field of sociology, marketing, economics, linguistics and management;
  • 175 reliable partners all over Russia as well as in CIS, the Middle East, Europe and America
  • Our customers choose us because we:
  • Strictly control the quality of every stage of research
  • Feel responsible for our results

Value our clients’ time and promptly react on every request:

  • Use the latest methods of information gathering and analysis
  • Have modern technical capabilities to do research, constantly improve ourselves and adapt international experience for our use
  • Have extensive experience in managing major federal and international projects
  • Love our job and value our clients
  • Believe that every task given by the customer can be done