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Hall-tests (CAPI, CAWI)

Hall-test is a quantitative research method the purpose of individual testing of a product concept, a product itself, its package, price, promo materials, etc.

A specially equipped room is used for hall-tests. A location for such type of research is selected basing upon the specifics of a research project, for example:

  • a cafe for taste tests of bakery, sweets, pasta, pizza, drinks, etc.
  • a room with ventilation for testing cigarettes, perfumes, etc.
  • a room with computers for demonstration of materials and questionnaire.

Hall-test allows for revealing the target audience's opinion about advantages and disadvantages of tested products, their advantages over competitors, characteristics in need for improvement, etc.

Advantages of the method Hall-test:
  • opportunity to re-create store shelves for imitation of purchase;
  • opportunity to demonstrate any materials;
  • an interview might be from 10 to 60 minutes long depending on the project goals;
  • possibility to invite respondents for a few visits (e.g. for 2 days 45 minutes each);
  • possibility to recruit respondents both in the street/shopping centre and organize preliminary recruit in case of complicated target groups and long-term tests;
  • possibility to include open-ended questions into questionnaires as well as association questions;
  • opportunity to observe respondents during tests.
Drawbacks of the method Hall-test:
  • non-representative

Mix Research is oriented towards the quality of results achieved during research with application of this method. For this reason we conduct hall-tests on our own in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Research in other regions of Russia is carried out in collaboration with our reliable partners under careful supervision of our specialists. We are ready to work with new clients, therefore we provide new clients with discounts. Please leave your request to receive more detailed information, our specialist will contact you shortly.

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