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Home-use-test is a research method which implies a group of consumers testing a product at home.

This method is effective when the following has to be evaluated:
  • food which requires cooking (pasta, pelmeni, etc.);
  • face and body cosmetics (cream, scrub, shampoo, etc.);
  • household chemical goods (washing powder, air freshener, etc.);
  • domestic appliances and electronics;
  • products for children;
The main purposes of such research type:
  • The evaluation of organoleptic characteristics of a product (taste, smell, color, etc.);
  • Evaluation of package;
  • Evaluation of product characteristics and convenience of its usage;
  • Revealing drawbacks and advantages of tested samples in comparison with competitors' alternative products;
  • Defining the optimal price of a product and its other characteristics.
The main advantages of home-use-test:
  • The testing of products takes place in natural conditions (at home). This allows to check all the parameters of product carefully.
  • The opinion of the whole family influences the perception of the product which makes it more objective if the product is positioned as a family product;
  • In contrast to usual hall-tests this method makes it possible to conduct research on personal care products, kids' products, etc.

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