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In-depth interviews

In-depth interview is a type of a face-to-face interviews the purpose of which is to reveal emotions, attitudes and believes within a certain topic. This type of studies implies receiving detailed ansers to research questions.

In-depth interviews are most often applied for solving the same problems as focus groups::
  • Evaluation of brands' image, logo, slogan or advertisements;
  • Revealing and describing the main types of consumers;
  • Revealing consumers' priorities;
  • Gaining information on characteristics of customer and consumer behavior;
  • Revealing underlying motivation of consuming products/services;
  • Revealing perception of products, services, brands by real and potential consumers;
  • Finding out opinions about prices of products or services;
  • Defining the most preferred information channels.
In-depth interviews are used more often when it is necessary to:
  • Discuss topics related to respondent's specific professional knowledge;
  • Carry out interviews with competitors within a b2b study;
  • Study some kind of confidential, delicate, personal topics;
  • Interview very well-off and busy people.
Types of interviews:
  • In-depth mini interviews;
  • Semi-structured interviews;
  • Dyads (interviews with two respondents);
  • Triads (interviews with three respondents);
  • Expert interviews.

Mix Research is oriented towards the quality of results achieved during research with application of this method. For this reason we conduct in-depth interviews on our own all over Russia. We are ready to work with new clients, therefore we provide new clients with discounts. Please leave your request to receive more detailed information, our specialist will contact you shortly.

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