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Price monitoring

Price monitoring is necessary for analysis of competitors' assortment and prices as well as for correction of one's own price and assortment policy which ensures price advantage in the customers' view.

Collected data:
  • Regular SKU cost;
  • Special SKU cost;
  • Type of special;
  • Photo of the product;
  • Photo of the shelf;
  • Photo of the promo zone;
  • Complete description of assortment by category (if necessary);
  • Description of the cheapest analogue product (manufacturer, brand, weight, type of package, price, special price, description of the special);
  • Location of the product (on shelf / in the end / in the promo zone).
Our company's advantages:
  • We have been conducting price monitoring since 2009;
  • Our staff are professional in collection of prices taking into account all the needs and peculiarities of data collection by different product categories;
  • We are able to organize data collection in any Russian city;
  • Report on monitoring is provided in a form convenient for our clients.

Mix Research has great experience in carrying out price monitoring. Possibility to conduct it all over Russia and high quality of work are the main competitive advantages of our company. Please leave your request to receive more detailed information, our specialist will contact you shortly.

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